Just off the wire from the 1940's!

Tonight - at the Museum. Two hours of history explored and explained about this historic year! 

Here is  a link to the event! 

Greetings Chapter 12 Members and Friends!

 We have a slight change for tomorrow's presentation.  

Same location, same time, different speaker and topic – New Basic Medical Reform Details – very important since it is almost here!  Please read below and we'll see you at the FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO), 12650 N. Featherwood Dr,. Suite 230, Houston, 77034 at 10AM in the morning!

Please note that IH-45 Southbound will be closed starting tonight through the weekend from basically BW8 to NASA 1.  You should expect traffic as the Fuqua exist is just north of BW8.  Might look at alternatives using BW8, Highway 3 and Fuqua/Allen Genoa.  Google or Houston Transtar are good references.

Don’t forget about the Chapter 12 Meetup – example attached below  

Greetings Chapter 12 Members and Friends!

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Saturday 14 Jan 2017

10:00AM – NOON: Tech on Deck, Chapter 12's Technical Series for Aircraft Builders, Aviators, Enthusiasts.

Join us January 14, 2017 for a presentation by Darrell Pool, Smooth Power, LLC, on “Electronic Ignition Systems.”  Darrell will discuss the technology of current and future ignition systems as well as installation and operational aspects. Don't miss this presentation with hands-on demonstrations of the electroair Electronic Ignition Systems unit on one of Coastal Skies Aero Club’s aircraft, smoothpowerllc.com /darrell@smoothpowerllc.com/

Fly or drive to Pearland Regional Airport (KLVJ), Coastal Skies Aero Club hangar (west side hangar complex, second hangar on the left – look for the banner), 17910 Airfield Lane, Pearland, TX 77581. Look for the Total Aircraft and Coastal Skies banners above the hangar door. www.coastalskies.com.

If driving, park outside the aircraft operating area – it is a taxiway as well as a driving road, If flying in, park on the transient ramp and walk over.
Please bring a chair if you wish to sit. The meeting will be inside an open hangar.

NOON: Out of the Hangar, Social Events for Chapter 12 Members, Friends, Guests
After Darrell’s presentation, 
we’ll go somewhere for lunch nearby or fly-out to Texas Gulf Coast pending weather and group make-up.

Saturday, 11 Feb 2017

10:00AM – NOON: Tech on Deck, Chapter 12's Technical Series for Aircraft Builders, Aviators, Enthusiasts.

Join us February 14, 2017 for the annual Accident Year in Review by Paul Downs and Lance Little, of the Houston FSDO. Address is 12650 N. Featherwood Dr,. Suite 230, Houston, 77034. You will be required to show your I.D. to enter the Houston FSDO offices. 

NOON: Out of the Hangar, Social Events for Chapter 12 Members, Friends, Guests
After the presentation, 
we’ll go somewhere for lunch nearby.

AIRCRAFT STORAGE - PEARLAND REGIONAL Two covered aircraft parking spots are available for rent at KLVJ, $200 per month, Contact Darrell at 832-244-1947


1993 Rutan Long Ez (a.k.a  Queso One) 850 TTAF, Lycoming O-235 - 850 SMOH / 300 STOH, Electronic and Magneto Ignition, Extreme Mini-EFIS/EMS front and back, Baggage pods and fuselage cover, new tires and brake linings, fuel flow/totalizer, 1993 Imron Paint, Always hangared, Currently at Ellington Field, KEFD – contact Richard Sessions, 281-467-2432, 
rtsessions@earthlink.net (attached PDF)
SWEARINGEN PROJECT Half built Swearingen SX-300 kit for sale. Call the seller at 

LANCAIR SUPER ES with a P-Ported Mazda 3 rotor engine. Built by Mark Steitle who recently passed away. The air frame has about 300 hours. Contact Bobby Hughes, 
210-410-6206. They would like to sell the air frame locally and not have to pay for a conditional inspection, avionics check and transition training to relocate the plane. The airplane is in protective primer with most of the outside finish work completed. One experienced fiberglass builder estimated 1-2 week of exterior finish up work. The interior is empty except for the front seats. PDF attached with details. Listed at $82K in flying condition. The family may accept $52K for the air frame and $10K for the avionics. Bobby can also remove and sell the FWF and assist with removing the wings for trailer transport. Includes stock IO 550 engine mount, new spare factory cowling, EFIS and autopilot. It only has a few hours. Dropbox link for photos http://bit.ly/2csXxJN

1946 CESSNA 120, C85 $23,000 – PRICE REDUCED and Hangar space an option! O-200 STC, light-weight SkyTec Starter, light-weight B&C alternator, 1130 SMOH, fabric wing, Scott tailwheel, strobe, recent/new mags, annual and trans/encoder cert. All graphics (black and gold) are vinyl for easy removal if desired. Sigtronics panel mounted voice activated intercom, 800x6 mains. Hangared at KEFD. Headsets and GPS not included. Email for 50 hi-res photos, info, and logs. Co-owned. Contact Jim Vincent, 
713-501-5615. Link to Photos, Logs & Info: http://bit.ly/2bTWLsR

SEAREY CLASSIC $65,000 For sale to good home. 2010 SeaRey built light: fun in the sun with basic VFR panel. Great performance off the water with light empty weight and 914 engine. Carbon C hull, toe brakes, heavy duty gear, LR tank, extended rudder pedals, electric gear with gear warning system, AOA, VG's, tail and front bulkhead reinforcement kits installed. Warp Drive w/nickel leading edge. EMS D-10 Engine monitor, SL40 comm radio. Regularly treated with Boeshield. Featured in Sept. 2013 Kitplanes. Love the plane, but no time to fly it. 320TT engine and air frame. Contact David Forster, Owner, 

Pober Pixie, 550 hr TTAE, new Bendix mags, plugs, new #4 cylinder on A-75. Excellent condition, always hangared.  $12,000 OBO. Selling due to buying a new plane. Tim McCullough, Polly Ranch 7XSO, 

Glostershire Aerodrome, Sealy Texas (1XA7): This is “newer” airport community opportunity if you are looking on the west side of town and a turf field. Rick Doak: 

BUILDER ASSISTANCE NEEDED - A local member, Houston Southwest, and Long Ez driver has purchased a “Mini-max” project and was looking for an experienced person with wood experience that can help with finishing the project, mainly to advise and check his work, Contact Aziz at upperglass@yahoo.com.


Looking for some experienced help for the first condition inspection of RV10 walking me through the compression test. Have watched videos and seeking someone with experience to watch over the first time. Contact Shannon Hicks, 
281-914-1667 or civeng123@gmail.com


An EAA National member is looking for an IA for his 1955 Cessna 180, at his hangar at KIWS. Fred Boyd did the last couple of annuals on this plane.  Contact David at 
281-780-5569 ordvrcdavid@aol.com


Looking to get your hands dirty on a composite aircraft restoration on the west side of Houston? The Rutan Aircraft Flying Museum / Waller County Aviation Museum is looking for hands and sponsors for a VariEze rebuild.

The new flying museum is the canard equivalent of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF).  The museum has three flying Long Ez’s and very limited space to house them. Looking for sponsors for the aircraft operations and also an immediate need for some donated hangar space for two of the Long EZs, at airports with good condition 3500’+ good condition runways with visibility for the aircraft.

Contact Ryszard Zadow, President, Rutan Aircraft Flying Museum, www.wallercoavmuseum.com832-428-5864ryszardzadow@att.netC




Please send us your airplane/project/flying photos, your news, for-sales, and other items of interest to Chapter 12 members and friends. For events or news, please advise at least two weeks in advance so we can get in the general news e-mail.



US Pilots Association  http://www.uspilots.org/  

AOPA's “Friendly airports in the Central Southwest”: 

Wings of Freedom Tour
Vintage aircraft returning to Ellington 
See details at 



AOPA's “Friendly airports in the Central Southwest”: http://www.aopa.org/Advocacy/Airports-and-State-Advocacy/Central-Southwest


Lance Borden, Inland Sport

Will Slaughter, RV-9

Dean Doolittle, RV-9

Matt Stecher, VariEze Rebuild and Cozy Mark IV plans built

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